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Founder of Your Exquisite Entertainment.  Vanneza is captivating and engaging with an impeccable reputation for quality entertainment. Vanneza is a trail blazer in the entertainment industry and is always pushing the quality of live entertainment to the next level. She is best known for her incredible fire performances that will leave your audience speechless.

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Ciana is a sassy multifaceted performer. Trained in the Salimpour format, Ciana is a master at finger cymbal playing. Her precise musicality, mesmerizing belly rolls, and impeccable technique will leave your audience captivated.

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Valerick is a spicy and elegant performer.  Her dance is rich with culture and passion.  She's a leader in the dance community. Along with being a vibrant performer, Valerick is a world-renowned instructor that has taught workshops across the world. She is the co-owner of Creative Hips Studio.


Denise is a strong performer with perfect form.  Her dance draws the attention of audiences of all ages.  She is a performer of many talents. Denise is known for her captivating Flamenco performances where she brings the beauty of Spanish culture to her audience.


Amida is an elegant and engaging performer with Dominican roots. Amida is not only a multifaceted performer but also an instructor.  She captivates audiences of all ages and is one of South Florida's sought out performers. 

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Samantha is an energetic, dynamic, and passionate performer. She is a rising star and her shows are full of beauty, grace and energy. Samantha is not only a performer but an instructor and viral Tiktok creator with thousands of followers.

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Valentina is an well trained and distinguished performer, she comes from years of preparation and study. Valentina enamors her audience with her striking beauty and impeccable technique. Valentina is one of Orlando’s most sought out performer.

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Lorena is a beautiful and graceful performer. Lorena enraptures her audience by her sultry beauty and wonderful technique. Besides being a dancer, Lorena is an essential worker that has worked diligently to save lives.


Andru is an award-winning premier male bellydancer.  Andru dazzles the stage with his elegant and fierce style. His performances are unique and unforgettable. Andru paves the road for the new style of entertainment to the LGBTQ community.

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Kelly is a internationally recognized for her graceful performances and captivating choreographies.  Kelly is also Co-founder of Creative Hips Dance Studio in Miami, Fl. that is home to many of our own.  Kelly is also the owner of BBK Belly Dance Boutique that brings international designs to the Miami belly dance market.

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